3 Steps to become a doctor in the UK

If you want to work as a doctor in the UK, you must be licensed to practice by the GMC (General Medical Council).

To get your license to practice you will need to do three things.

1. Pass the IELTS/OET test

This is an English language test which includes tests on speaking, reading, writing and listening.


2. Pass the PLAB tests

This is a two-part test to determine doctors’ competence. It includes PLAB 1 – a written test, and PLAB 2 – a practical test with different scenarios to test your competence in settings such as a mock consultation or an acute ward.


3. Do a clinical attachment

This is a type of unpaid work experience which familiarises doctors with the NHS and UK practice. You will observe the work in an NHS hospital for about four to eight weeks.

Once you have passed all three stages, you can apply for your license to practice from the GMC and then apply for jobs as a doctor in the UK.

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